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Manchester attack, Sydney siege, 9/11, France etc, alike the other atrocious acts that we, as the good guys, have witnessed at home or abroad play on our minds and question our safety but for a short time, only. You see, we as a strong frontier move on. But, let's have a look at how pathetic the perpetrators are and, I mean seriously pathetic!

Do they really think they weaken us? We of people with heart, love and soul? Not in the slightest! You steel us, you make us stronger. Your influence on us is just like a small band-aid being removed from a paper cut! You know that we are the disinfectant, the cure, the strong stabilizing and ending power that makes a band-aid obsolete... not needed and just a crushed up sticky wrapper for the trash! Yes, you the extremist living by old aged means and ideas that would make a caveman shake his head that humanity is going backwards, are an insignificant sticky wrapper for the trash.

Having faced many of my own demons via mental illness (Post Traumatic Stress) and nearly falling to my last breath to the rot that life can bring, I am stronger than ever! I will not be defeated! I am committed to that, as are we in society... we will never be defeated or change our way of life. The hatred, the moral injury and injustice that you weak, extremists bring only makes us more loving, stronger, and tougher!

But, you who hate, and, let's be realistic you are just an impotent try-hard will never understand this - Me and my millions upon millions of pals all over the world are all the more stronger. How stupid are you to think you weaken us! Surely you have learnt you haven't by now? Hmmm, stupid question on my behalf that would be me thinking you have any intelligence.

Your improvised devises directly effect a few. The many millions upon millions of those you don't directly effect, well... we become hardened, stronger, tougher and more determined than ever to join in unity and defeat you. We think with love of those you have directly affected, of course we do, we are human. You are brainwashed idiotic robots.

You see, these abhorrent acts make the media headlines and they make all of us saddened but then we quickly reflect. The reflection is to your demise! We still attend concerts, we still go to shopping malls and we still attend major events to celebrate the good in life. You, however... who perpetrate these hideous acts are now in hell, yes, hell. Not with the virgins you imagine and palm trees with clean water but fire, pain and brimstone for eternity.

So, ummm, enjoy!

Personally, I treat these events like my PTSD and depression. Initially - hurtful, painful and exhausting. My mental illness has taunted me, worn its own IED as I sleep, walk, breath. It has tried but can't defeat me! And, you will never defeat any of us.

The more you try the more we will learn and uncover your trends. We recover and move on living normally... I'm going shopping tomorrow like millions of others. You have not succeeded in doing anything! You are weak and brainwashed and ensure the good (us), are ignorant to the bad (you).

Your extremism makes us stronger, smarter, and steelier! You will not and, will never win! To think you will is a further cause to show your lack of history and knowledge. Good always prevails as history tells! We are committed against your blips in time, to recover and to lessen your desire to take us down!

So, to my loving, caring worldwide friends with a love of respect, happiness and the good.... Treat every day like it's the best day ever. Respect everybody and respect yourself! Don't ever lose the fight and always live normally, whatever it may be or mean to you. Don't ever succumb to this ridiculous weak school yard bully behaviour!

Most importantly, raise your heads, know you are stronger than those who are extreme and attempt to scare us.... those who can only speak out with a voice like a screw-it-up-and-throw-it-out band-aid!

Hug your significant other, your friends, and, especially your children. Let them know the worst in society are most often the weakest! Never change the way you live and always smile. Tell your children the same!

The good, loving and strong in this world will always prevail! Hatred is for the weak... and that is to those without hope, no self-respect for themselves or others and kill with no rhyme or reason. Or, maybe an analogy, the annoying child who does anything to seek attention but is quickly put in their place.

So, seek attention as you may, but we will always ignore, always fight harder and always have the upper hand.

As Brad Pitt said in a brilliant movie, 'Seven'', "you're nothing….a movie of the week at best".

We will always think of you as a blip in time with no lasting effect on the righteous, good and strong. In no uncertain terms we will always be better, your extremism approach will never change us we will live as always and will have greater fortitude!

Instil this in your dark driven murderous mind.... we are far above you and always will be!

As to the strong and good in this world... Never give up, I won't. Actually, I'm going shopping tomorrow with my family then to a movie and maybe a concert.... your abhorrent actions don't change a thing!

#manchester #teroism #ptsd #lifesentence

Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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