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‘I’m awake again, shaking, sweating. My heart is racing and I stare into the dark. I can’t close my eyes. I fear the images – too many to count. They swim behind my eyelids; I am drowning in their terror. Suicides, heart attacks, murders, car crashes. The images come again and again. All the dead people . . . I have to touch their legs, their arms, reach into their pockets, look into their unseeing eyes for clues.’

In this powerful memoir, Simon reveals the details of the cases he worked on, how the police force operates, and how one man’s life can spiral so out of control. He is now working to create awareness about PTSD and has written this book to help other sufferers.

Gus Worland, Triple M Radio Presenter and  Host of the TV Series 'Man Up' "This memoir is a must read..I could not put it down.."

Jon Farriss, INXS Musician and Lifeline Ambassador, "I commend Simon for his bravery and decision to write this book"

Turia Pitt, Author of 'Everything to Live For' and 'Unmasked'. "A hugely important story and one that must be told.."

Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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